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Useful Links

Dog Boarding

A great online directory of dog boarding kennels, and home boarders (the dog stays in a family home). If you decide to go with a home boarder PLEASE ENSURE you use somebody that is licensed by the council and fully insured. DOUBLE CHECK!

GPS Tracker

The GPS tracker used by us on our group walks is Tractive GPS. For a 30% discount click the link below.

Pet Food Expert

A great online tool for comparing pet food, nutrition values, and prices.

Lost your dog?

The below websites and phone numbers can help with raising awareness, updating your pets microchip, and organising local volunteers to help search for missing dogs, including drone search and rescue. - Your first port of call. Register your dog as lost on this online directory of lost dogs. Input as much info as you can including your dogs microchip number, description, and a photo.  Download your dogs personalised poster once you've put in all the details, and then spread the word everywhere you can. Facebook community groups for your local area are a great place to start. - Drone search and rescue for lost dogs. Here you can register your dogs details and they will organise local volunteers, including drones, to help search for your dog. Chris McMurray is a drone operator trained in search and rescue, and volunteers for this group. - Busters Animal SOS. A Fantastic group of volunteers with great results. They use a variety of equipment and methods including trap cages, remote cameras, and scent tracker dogs to help locate and catch lost dogs.

01274 433927 - Bradford Dog Warden

01422 288001 - Halifax Dog Warden


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