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Dogs at your wedding service

Most dog owners consider their dogs as a part of the family, not just a pet. So when the time comes for a couple to tie the knot, why should a family member be left out of the celebrations? At McMurray's Dog Walking we offer a "dogs at your wedding service" package so that your dogs can be part of your wedding service and celebrations. As you can see in the photo on the right, our dog Jessi was part of the celebrations on mine and Hydi's big day! (click photo to enlarge).

We will transport your dog to and from your wedding or reception venue, and will keep them fed, watered, safe and under control during your big day, meaning you and your other guests can fully enjoy the day without having to worry about your dogs needs. We will ensure your dogs are at the right place at the right time, especially when it comes to wedding photos or using them as part of the ceremony (carrying rings etc), and will liaise with you and your wedding venue to ensure that your dogs will be allowed to attend, and to make any special arrangements to facilitate this.

pets at wedding

What's Included?

- Board your dogs the day before your wedding day

- Bath and brush your dogs so they're looking their best for your big day

- Bring your dogs to the wedding ceremony or reception for photos etc

- After the wedding the dogs will return to home board with us for your wedding night

- The day after we will drop your dogs back home for you (so you don't need to go out with that hangover!)


In addition to the above we can also arrange for your dog to be taken to your usual dog groomer for a full professional dog groom so they look their very best for your big day.

We can also further board your dog if you are jetting straight off on your honeymoon.

Dogs at your wedding - Prices

We offer a free initial consultation, and our basic package starts at just £150. This includes boarding your dog with us the night before, us attending your wedding day for an hour (usually during the main "posed" photographs but we can attend at any point you require), boarding your dog with us again after they've attended the wedding day and been part of the photos/ceremony etc, then returning them home to you the day after your big day.

We can also board your dogs with us for longer if you are jetting off on your honeymoon straight afer the wedding, and this is just at our usual home boarding prices.

Whatever your spending power & however large or small your celebration we will cater our package to suit you, and advise you of the cost.

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